Recommended parking options

We recommend the following parking areas in Gozd Martuljk when visiting our hut:

  • The largest parking area is at the closed penzion Špik near the bridge across Sava. Leave the main road towards Kranjska Gora after 100 metres. Walk along that road past the charcoal burning area to the trailhead and then choose either the trail through the gorge or the wide cart cart track as described on the front page.

  • You can also park your car across the street from Restaurant and pizzeria Jožica, in front of the closed Mercator store. From there you can walk along the road towards Kranjska Gora until the signpost on the left at the first turn. Follow the marked trail until you reach the same trailhead.

  • The second recommended parking area is by the bike trail below the Gozd Martuljek ski slope. From there you can climb the mountain road or follow the bike trail towards Jesenice. You will leave it at the overpass. At the far end of the meadow on the right is the trailhead for the trail through the gorge and the wide cart track.

All parking areas and the trails towards the hut are marked on the map below.

Recommended parking areas in Gozd Martuljek