Refresh yourself in the wonderful embrace of the Špik mountain range

Ease your thirst with natural juices, drink a hot herbal tea or treat yourself with a sip of homemade spirit.

A bowl of tasty stew made over an open fire cauldron will certainly do you well. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy our dessert specialties.

How to reach us?

The most picturesque trail leads along the gorge of Martuljek stream up to the first waterfall.

The wide cart track requires less effort and rewards you with a bird's eye view of the gorge.

From Jasna lake near Kranjska Gora you can follow the trail across Tof's gully.

Bikers can use the mountain road that starts at the bike trail near Gozd Martuljek ski slope.

Parking options

Many sights await you in the vicinity

You can reach the upper waterfall in less than an hour of walk.

It will take you an hour and a half to the bivouac hut Pod Špikom.

Za Ak is also an hour and a half away, but the trail is more difficult, so make sure you wear proper hiking shoes and equipment.

In two hours you can reach the Beli potok waterfalls.

If you prefer pathless terrain, Rutarski Vršič and Kurji vrh await you.

Impressions from the pastures

Attentive visitors can notice many interesting details from the daily life of the hosts and their care for the guests.

The pasture has a rich history

In the mid-60s of last century each summer the three owners moved to Jasenje for a fortnight and manually mowed the meadows. They led the last mowing in the mid-70s. When even the livestock stopped grazing, the pasture was abandoned. Hay lofts fell apart, meadows overgrew.

Ingo, the descendant of one of the owners, started reviving the pasture in 1992. He combined agriculture with tourism. He and his family started writing a story of living in symbiosis with nature, producing their own food and offering it to their guests.

Days of open fire kitchen and buckwheat žganci.

Special arrangements available for scheduled group visits. Random hikers are welcome as well.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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